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March 8 Every Day. Activities of Women's Resource Center during March 8- April 7


tomorrow08.03.13- March 8 Every Day – Performance March/3:30PM/ In front of Isahakyan's Statue

By Choice or Chance" - Film Screening/5:00PM/Espace Center/Nalbandyan 29

11․03․13 - "Conquering the Night" - action/9:00PM/ Luna Park, underground passage-ways, Vernisazh, and others "The aim of this action is to take the opportunity to reclaim those spaces where we would usually hesitate to or be afraid to walk for fear of being sexually harassed, followed, or threatened by male aggressors. The event is intended for women to collectively walk together in those spaces. Luna park, underground passageways and other places that will be decided upon by the women participating are all representative of spaces where we have been harassed or believe we have more of a chance of being harassed."

Vernisazh, and others

15․03․13 - "Human Rights Challenges" - discussion/5:00PM/Women's Resource Center/Teryan 62/35

25․03․13-The Institute of Marriage within Armenian Society" - Conference/6:00PM/Golden Tulip Hotel

01․04․13 -"Occupy First Place" - action in public transportation/ all day and everywhere

07․04․13- "AWE: Art for Women's Empowerment" - Photo exhibition and poetry night in collaboration with The Screenery/5:00PM/Owl's Cafebar/Pushkin 41

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