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In solidarity with the women of Egypt


203564 601269376554487 1614594699 nDear Ambassador Wahid Eldin Galal:

We, the concerned women of the Women's Resource Center of Armenia, are joining in the efforts of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World to protest the sexual terrorism Egyptian women are subject to on a daily basis in Egypt. We condemn these acts of sexual harassment at the hands of organized thugs, especially in Tahrir Square, and in the streets, public transportation, taxis, schools and other spaces in Egypt. Preventing and ending sexual violence in all its forms should be a top priority for any society seeking to liberate and empower its people. This is also our struggle here in Armenia.

With this letter we ask that you provide us with information regarding steps that the Egyptian government is taking in order to address the issue of sexual terrorism taking place in Egypt today. We are also prepared to cooperate in finding solutions to ending organized sexual harassment against women in Egypt. We believe that the liberation and advancement of Egypt and any country seeking a better future for its people is inherently tied to the liberation and advancement of its women. And solidarity across countries struggling to end violence against women in their respective societies is crucial to reaching this goal.

Best regards,

the Staff of the Women's Resource Center of Armenia