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Statement of Solidarity with Pinar Selek


page 23-ay-once-beraat-diyen-mahkemeden-pinar-selek39e-agirlastirilmis-muebbet 845422103As an organization striving to end all injustices faced by women in Armenia and all over the world, we at the Women's Resource Center of Armenia condemn the unrighteous lifetime sentence on Pinar Selek, which was ordered by the Istanbul 12th High Criminal Court on January 24, 2013. We believe that this is not only an attack on Pinar Selek, but an attack on the kinds of activism, both in academia as well as on the ground, that have been and continue to be crucial for the survival of minorities and underserved populations both in Turkey and abroad. We write this letter in support of and in solidarity with Pinar Selek, a sociologist and writer, whose research and writing has shed light on issues faced by women, the poor, street children, sexual minorities and the Kurd and Armenian minorities in Turkey. We urge the international community to join us in solidarity with Pinar Selek.

The Staff of the Women's Resource Center of Armenia