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The Domestic Violence Bill has been overruled


dvThe Domestic Violence Bill has been overruled. The government has based its rejection of the Bill on the fact that the entire Armenian legislative framework is undergoing a number of changes. Changes being made in the Criminal and Criminal Procedure codes, as well as in the code of Administrative Offences would cause a number of problems in implementing the overruled Bill. For this reason and with the agreement of the government there will be no separate Domestic Violence Statute Book. However, a number of changes will be made to other codes within the Armenian legislative framework.

Anna Margaryan, Associate Professor at the Department of Criminal Law, mentioned in a speech:

"Let me clarify: It is not the case that there will be such a law, rather a number of mechanisms will be added to different statute books. It is true that the Bill underwent a long and vigorous process, but for example, changes to the Criminal Code can take approximately one to one and a half years."

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The passing of the Domestic Violence Bill is important for the following reasons:

1. First of all, so that the government and public of Armenia can accept the presence and reality of violence against women in Armenia.

2. To secure resources such as state funded shelters and experienced professionals.

3. To develop mechanisms for working toward securing the safety of women survivors of domestic violence.