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In solidarity with the women of India


428107 10151370123080673 50326044 nOn January 14th, 2013 the Women's Resource Center NGO organized a candle-light vigil in solidarity with the women of India. The vigil was in memory of the 23 year old college student who was raped by 6 men in Delhi and who died a week ago as a result of sustained injuries. A number of NGO representatives, civil society activists and concerned individuals participated. The vigil, which lasted for about an hour, provided an opportunity for participants to meet with the temporary Indian ambassador commissionaire. A letter expressing the WRC concerns and interest in better understanding future steps that the Indian government will take regarding this case was passed on to the ambassador. The ambassador informed participants that the government, the law as well as the society of India are concerned about the aforementioned case. The government is taking the necessary steps to arrest the perpetrators and to punish them accordingly. The final verdict will be available to the public only after thirty days due to the closed-door court procedure. The ambassador thanked the WRC NGO for their support and solidarity, and promised to keep all interested parties informed of the decision announcement regarding this case.