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WRCA Shushi

On February 2008, The Shushi branch of the Women's Resource Center was officially registered in Nagorno-Kharabagh.

The Center is situated in a cozy apartment in one of the residential buildings of the city of Shushi and is open to the women living in the conflict region of NKR.

WRC implements different activities and projects to empower the women living in the area and preparing them to be involved actively in the process of peace building in the region.

The programs:

''Nobody is Perfect''- an interactive workshop for mothers and their children(0-5 years).

''the women's coffee corner''- The center is open 4 days a week for all women who are greeted warmly by a staff member ready to listen to their concerns and suggestions around a cup of coffee.

''free gynecological consultations''- once a month a gynecologist is invited to the center to talk about important health issues concerning women and time is allocated for individual consultations.

''A taste of Shushi''- 100% natural and organic products: conserves, jams and dried fruits prepared by women.

on-going services: library, internet, English courses.

The Center participates in a cooperative project with another women's organization in Baku as part of establishing a peace dialogue in the region.

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