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Sexual violence awareness month summary of the events


IMG 7897the first time the Women's Resource Center and the Sexual Assault Crisis Center jointly organized during April a series of activities aimed to promote Sexual Violence Awareness. The main goal of the events were to separate the sexual violence related issues that exist in Armenian society and to speak out about the sexual abuse, its prevention methods and about what actions are needed to be taken in order to overcome sexual abuse.

Thus, during the discussions of the working group official data on violence, the Criminal Code against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom, sexual abuse, rape as a war weapon and many other data were separated. There were discussions that relate mainly to sexual violence, particularly on crimes related to the UN Security Council 1325 (adopted in 2000) and 1820 (adopted in 2008) resolutions. The phenomenon of teen marriage were debated which exists in various societies, including our culture.


Art and Activism, a workshop by Petra Hultman, a feminist artist.


10154524 821588131202305 7940277544041278500 nFor many people art making is synonymous with the creation of various

objects, mainly sculpture or paintings. But instead of just making things, art

can also be a force to make things happen - a tool for reaction and action. So

instead of asking ourself the somewhat tiresome questions "what is art?" or

"is this art?" we will ask "what can art do?".

Women resource's centre would therefore like to invite you to a series of

hands-on practical workshops in the borderland between art and activism

with artist Petra Hultman.




загруженное 3The Republic of Armenia's socio-economic situation is similar to that of most other developing countries. By adopting the notion of a democratic, social and legal state, the weight of these principles became obvious in the very first chapter of the first article of the Constitution.

Of course, if we try to analyze the existing Constitution together with the other codes, we will see that the Republic of Armenia provides almost a perfect reality in terms of human rights protection laws. However, any serious research requires analysis of the existing situation. It is when appropriate research is conduced about the implementation of these laws that numerous obvious and continuous violations of the basic human rights as well as violation and neglect of the basic tenets of human rights can be detected along with the climate of impunity. In this context human rights defenders become vulnerable, of which most vulnerable are women human rights defenders.