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We know that we cannot do everything, but we also know that we can certainly do something to make a real and lasting progress in the lives of Armenian women.

I believe that excellence is not an ability, but rather an attitude. Every member of our executive committee is proud of our successes, and I think that feeling of pride is the attitude that pushes us to pursue excellence in whatever task we undertake as a team. The pride that I am referring to is the kind that we share when we achieve the goals that we set, and "when we plant the tree, we do not expect to sit under its shade".


“Hate Culture: One Year Later”


IMG 3460May 8th, 2013 – Ani Plaza Hotel, Yerevan

Exactly one year ago, on May 8th, 2012, three young men bombed DIY pub in Yerevan, which was followed by scores of state officials justifying the hateful crime. In connection with this, on May 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm, Ani Plaza Hotel hosted "Hate Culture in Armenia: One Year Later", a round-table discussion organized by concerned citizens with the support of Human Rights House - Yerevan.

The discussion began with activist Lala Aslikyan presenting a chronology of events that took place before and after the bombing. "DIY pub opened its doors in April of 2011 and was subject to frequent threats and attacks by groups of young fascists just a few months after its opening. Attackers would constantly destroy property, break bottles and glass, and spit on the premises," said Lala. "At 5:00am on May 8th, 2012 five young men bombed the pub. A few days later, extremists graffitied the walls of the pub with images and symbols of fascism. Although the suspects were arrested, one suspect was bailed out shortly after and police released the other after he promised not to leave the country."


Tender Gender. WomenFest 2013


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On 19th April, sultry and pre stormy day, we gathered in Women's Resource Canter to talk about Position of women in society. Tens of us, different approaches and one will to get know better women's issues.

Presentation "Position of women in society" was organized in a frame of a Women's Fest in Yerevan and as its closing event was a time and space for sum up.

First part of a meeting was focused on presenting situation of women in Armenia; special accent was put on violence against women problem. Our Italian guests, who opened presentation of women's situation from different countries, focused on very similar issues (based on Shadow Report).