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Armenia Ranks Poorly in Gender Equality


gendergap1The World Economic Forum published its 2013 Global Gender Gap report.

Iceland, Finland, and Norway are at the top of the list of 136 countries, where gender equality has been considered in the areas of political participation, economic equality, education and healthcare. Among the top 10 are Sweden, the Philippines, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, and Nicaragua.

Armenia received an overall rank of 94, dropping down two places from last year and 10 places from 2010. On the sex ratio at birth indicator, Armenia occupies 131st place; in the women in parliament indicator, 108th place; women ministers, 93rd place; equal pay for similar work, 100th place. The situation for participation in primary and elementary school and higher education is better, where opportunities for men and women were considered equal.


Photography and Human Rights Workshop for human rights NGO members and social activists


Photography and Human Rights

Workshop for human rights NGO members and social activists

October 30 - November 4, 2013

The Women's Resource Center, in collaboration with the 4 Plus Documentary Photography Center, invites members of human rights NGOs and social activists who deal with human rights violations, to apply for a workshop on Human Rights Photography.

We invite non-photographers who want to acquire basic knowledge and skills on human rights photography in order to practice it in the course of their work.

The workshop will include lectures on building a photo story, learning technical details concerning photography, approaching people to photograph them and general ethical issues, which are particularly important when documenting cases of human rights violations.


Persecution And Threats Towards Women’s Rights Defenders And Threat To Freedom Of Association And Expression In Armenia


Following the adoption of the law number 57 on "Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women" by the Armenian Parliament in May 2013, a heated debate started around the concept of "gender" and "equality".

Extremist groups started disseminating misinformation on social networks sites, targeting women's non-governmental organizations and women's rights defenders in Armenia. In order to spread hate and fear in society, these groups are manipulating the wording of the law and associating "gender equality" with homosexuality propaganda and pedophilia. Women's rights defenders are called "traitors of the nation", "destroyers of families" and a "threat to Armenian values" and promoters of sexual abuse towards children and minors.

Almost anyone daring to speak about "gender" issues or women's rights is being mocked and ridiculed online and broadcast media. Their photos are being circulated so people will identify them and attack them. Some of our members who have been targeted are afraid for their lives and security and taking extreme measures to stay safe.

In the face of this hysteria, Parliament members who adopted almost unanimously the law on gender equality is remaining silent and no concrete steps are taken by the government to protect and support the women's rights defenders and those working on gender equality.