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Language classes at WRCA


434628Women's resource center is happy to announce about free language courses at WRCA, which are open to girls and women, with no age or other discrimination.

The classes are conducted in the following agenda.

English speaking classes - each Monday at 17:30

Russian Speaking classes- 15:00 every Wednesday.

French Speaking classes - every Tuesday at 17:30


We marched , now let's talk!


IMG 0912Last Saturday at 5 pm WRCA organized a friendly meeting to present the outcomes of the Gyumri-Yerevan March against Gender-Based Violence. We visited several villages and towns on the way, talked to women, men and children on the issue. We listened to their concerns and worries and then on September 15 we shared all that with our guests.

There were WRCA members, volunteers, other NGO representatives and guests from abroad present at the March evaluation meeting.


Research: Gender Dimensions of the Labor Market in Armenia


market-research-visakha-consultancyIn 2011 Women's Resource Center with the assistance of Norwegian Institute of International Affairs conducted a survey " Gender Dimensions of the Labor Market in Armenia": The goal of the survey was to study the gender dimensions of employment, salaries and benefits in Armenia. On the base of survey recommendations to state, private and civic sectors have been done to decrease gender misbalance on the labor market.