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Tender Gender. WomenFest 2013


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On 19th April, sultry and pre stormy day, we gathered in Women's Resource Canter to talk about Position of women in society. Tens of us, different approaches and one will to get know better women's issues.

Presentation "Position of women in society" was organized in a frame of a Women's Fest in Yerevan and as its closing event was a time and space for sum up.

First part of a meeting was focused on presenting situation of women in Armenia; special accent was put on violence against women problem. Our Italian guests, who opened presentation of women's situation from different countries, focused on very similar issues (based on Shadow Report).


Derogatory behavior in educational institutions: April 19th as the “Day of Silence”


894846 601280003218467 469411781 oOn April 19th,which is known internationally as the "Day of Silence," Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO organized a press conference-discussion regarding debasing, derogatory and violent behaviors in Armenian schools. You can read about it in more detail here.

Behavior that degrades one's dignity is one of the primary and systemic human rights violations that exists, and it includes deprecation, labeling and bullying.

Deprecation is a negative and disrespectful treatment toward a person whose behavior, actions, speech or appearance is deemed unacceptable or disliked by society or by a specific group of people.


Summary of “March 8th Every Day” Series of Events


374389 582812628398538 474544027 nEvery year the Women's Resource Center organizes a number of events for March 8th, International Women's Rights Day. These events are dedicated to the protection of women's rights within various fields and to the struggle against discrimination and violence. For the entire month of March until April 7th, which is celebrated in Armenia as the Day of Motherhood and Beauty, different events are implemented aimed at raising awareness and empowering women in Armenian society.

This year's campaign was named "March 8th Every Day" and started off with a performance march on March 8th. The march started from Isahakyan's Statue and ended on Northern Avenue. Although the Women's Resource Center has a tradition of organizing big demonstrations and marches for March 8th every year, this year it was different in character. It was the first time that theater of the oppressed, including tall, colorful puppets were used in our March 8th celebration. There was also a street performance in which the performers painted their faces white and according to gender, since some of them were representing men and some women. The performance showed different situations in which women can be oppressed in our society such as in the work-place, in the family, and on the street.