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Attention: The “Women’s Resource Center” is hiring for a part time program assistant position.


images 2Dear Women's Resource Center members, volunteers and interested parties. The WRC is preparing to implement a new program: "Empowering women's political participation in the regions," for which a program assistant is needed.

A contract will be signed for the duration of 6 months in the event of admitting a part time professional for the position. Work activities will begin from August 10th and applications are being accepted until September 1st.

The qualifications are as follows:


Pay attention to changes of WRCA's working days.


logoDear WRCA members we would like to inform You than from now on the center will be open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m till 7 p.m.

Besides, the Women's Resource Center will cease its operations on August 16 and resume to September 2 :

We wish you all a pleasant summer holiday.

Sincerely WRCA staff




nkar 1Dear Women's Resource Center of Armenia members and supporters, we would like to inform you that for several months now the WRCA has been subject to inappropriate slander and disgrace. There are attempts to connect our organization with a religious organization and now there is an attempt to present the WRCA as an organization that is against family values. Until now we have tried to ignore this disgrace by not taking such absurdity and paranoia seriously. Nevertheless, we must note that such slander and disgrace regarding our organization is not only unethical, but it is also illegal.

As a result of the trial against "Zaruhi publishing house" limited liability company and Ruslan Tatoyan, which lasted for over a year, the court decided to grant the case in part. Ruslan Tatoyan was obligated to publically apologize to the Women's Resource Center NGO for insulting their reputation by calling them "homewreckers" and "grantsuckers", and to place their public apology on the www.zaruhi.com website. Ruslan Tatoyan was also obligated to pay a fine of 50,000 AMD to the Women's Resource Center NGO as compensation. Read more details here.