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Girls' talk program at Huso Aygi


IMG 1769A new round of the "Girls' Talk" program has begun with a number of workshops being held in different establishments.

Yesterday the "Girls' Talk" program was a guest at the Young Women's Charitable Fund at "huso Aygi". We plan to carry out all of the meetings that have been planned as part of the program since the staff of both the fund and the Women's Resource Center, as well as the girls themselves consider it of great importance to discuss the topics that are raised within the program.



Activities of Women's resource center under the campaign "16 Days of Activism Against GBV

276720 423686724353048 27709210 n25.11.12 March/13:00/ Women's Resource Center, Women's Support Center, PINK, IWPR

26.11.12 "I choose respect" – workshop intended for couples/ 15:00/ Women's Resource Center/ Teryan 62/35

03.12.12 "I choose respect" – workshop intended for couples/ 15:00/ Women's Resource Center/ Teryan 62/35

5-7 December "Famous men opposed to violence against women" photo exhibit. Opening 05.12.12 at 17:00 – Women's Resource Center NGO "Moscow" theater



WRCA launching a new project in the regions


12831 346986570011 6854063 nWomen’s Resource Center is glad to announce the start of new two-years project “Strengthening a Multi Sectoral Response to Counter Gender Based Violence in Rural Areas of Armenia”.
The proposed program aspires to support and engage with the government and key stakeholders in order to reach the goals outlined in the 2011-2015 Strategic Action Plan to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Armenia. 

The project will engage individuals, groups, organizations and institutions on three levels: (1) to achieve large-scale awareness of GBV by reaching civil society members and the general public throughout the RoA (2) to cooperate with key governmental agencies and sub-national NGOs and (3) targeting individuals and key stakeholders in the three regions of Shirak, Lori, and Syunik.