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Five Days lasting course dedicated to women’s rights. An invitation for participation


WHRD"Women's Resource Center" announces about the five days lasting course dedicated to women's rights. The course will start on 10 July and will finish on 25 July. The program includes six meetings, each one six hours. The course will take place during these days: 10,11, 12, 18, 19, 25 July.

At the end of the course, all the participant will receive certificates.

Participation is free, so everyone who wishes can take part. However, registration beforehand is mandatory.

Registration for the course is till 1 July. One can register with these 094 56 26 26, 060 44 56 26 phone numbers.

During the course the following topics will be comprehensively reviewed:


An opportunity to take part in the personal growth course


images 1"Women's Resource Center" is an NGO, which organises personal growth course for women.

The course consists of eight meetings, which will be devoted to:

• the recognition of the self, by each member and the analysis of personal qualities,

• the discussion of problematic relationships and incidents,

• the development and usage of the right time management's standards.


English spoken courses


imagesDear women, we would like to inform you that currently we have an opportunity to involve new members in the English spoken courses group.

The courses will take place every Tuesday and Thursday 16:00-17:30.

To participate one needs to register with this 094565626 phone number or visit us: Teryan 62, entrance 5, 35 apartment (the entry is from Moskovyan street).