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Women's Resource Center’s film club reopened. Join us for movie screening and discussion.


ֆիլմակումբDear friends,

Women's Resource Center is starting its film club activities. From now on, we will have regular meetings to watch and discuss movies re topics of our interest. The group is also a platform for discussing suggestions and deciding which movie should be screened, thus be active, join the group with the following link.

The first film to be screened on august 7, 6:30 pm, Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning film"Thelma and Louise". It's about two women who are planning to head to the mountains for a weekend for changing the atmosphere of everyday life and getting away from the daily routine. Nevertheless, their vacation turns into a journey full of adventures, and we invite you to take part in it.

The film starring Susan Sarandon (Louise) and Gina Davis (Thelma) premiered in 1991.


՛War and woman՛ a meeting with one of the most prominent authors of the Armenian diaspora – Marush Yeramean


1003381 10151819316561789 845238175 nOn July 24, 18:30 Women's Resource Center will host one of the most prominent and interesting writers of diasporan literature – Marush Yeramean. All those interested are kindly invited to take part in the discussion, main theme of which is "War and woman". Marush will present 3 harsh years of Syrian conflict and, more precisely, the character of creating woman in the context of military background of the conflict. The essence of Marush Yeramean's works is human beings, peculiarly women. With unforeseen boldness Marush talks about the rights and sexual desires of women in the Middle East. The venue of the discussion is The Club, Tumanyan Str. 40 You can see Marush's works in the Facebook page of WRCA as well as visiting our office.

Looking forward to meeting you during the event.


“Mass Media as a friend, not enemy” workshop, discussion.


10481423 10154234963290012 1875941832918456024 nMass Media is the primary "tool" of covering the activities of NGO's and initiative, thus it is necessary to "use" Mass Media in a right way. Women's Resource Center is offering the workshop in order to bring together different representatives of NGO's and civil activist in sharing their experiences of working with Mass Media. The workshop will take place on July 22, 17:00. The following issues will be discussed during the workshop

Peculiarities of Mass Media work.

The skill of giving interview and how not to be trapped by journalists.