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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


postcard WRCA 1Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,dear frineds and collegues!

Let all Your wishes come true during the upcoming Year!

We are happy to inform You that our last working day this year will be 28th of December. See You on 08.01.2014!!!!


Integrated Security Workshop. North and South Caucasus cooperation.


1453252 10153525012635012 1682894264 nIntegrated Security Workshop organized by representatives from ''Women's Resource Center Armenia'' and ''Union of Women of Chechnya'' took place in Aghveran on December 9-11th.

The primary goal of activism is to be useful for your environment, to defend discriminated members of the society – and you can hardly call this work a very calm and secure one.

It is important to remember, that one can never protect others, if they don't know how to protect themselves. The mainn purpose of this Integrated Security Workshop was to show different people involved in activism the best and most effective ways to provide both psychological and physical safety.


Armenia Ranks Poorly in Gender Equality


gendergap1The World Economic Forum published its 2013 Global Gender Gap report.

Iceland, Finland, and Norway are at the top of the list of 136 countries, where gender equality has been considered in the areas of political participation, economic equality, education and healthcare. Among the top 10 are Sweden, the Philippines, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, and Nicaragua.

Armenia received an overall rank of 94, dropping down two places from last year and 10 places from 2010. On the sex ratio at birth indicator, Armenia occupies 131st place; in the women in parliament indicator, 108th place; women ministers, 93rd place; equal pay for similar work, 100th place. The situation for participation in primary and elementary school and higher education is better, where opportunities for men and women were considered equal.