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On September 15 Stepanakert spoke about Human Rights


1922708 602507323158185 810463310 nDuring recent decades various nations struggled a lot to obtain liberty and create safe environment for us and growing generations. This path was not of the easiest. There were too many losses... But today we will speak about accomplishments concerning Human Rights.

Many international documents should be highlighted in this regard. Today we will stop in on Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which comes out as a cornerstone international document. After the adoption of UDHR it was used as a platform to design many other documents on Human Rights. Even though this document does not have legally binding character, first time in our history it gave general understanding about Human Rights.



"My Body, My Right" workshop on reproductive health and rights.


campaigns production 140213 SRR en 960 480Women's Resource Center invites young women and girls aged 18-30 to take part in our course themed "My Body, My Right" which is about women's sexual and reproductive health.

The course consists of ten meetings, the total duration of two months; we will meet once or twice a week. The aim of the course is raise awareness on women's sexual and reproductive health issues. Within the framework of the meetings the following topics will be conducted:

The human body

• Menstrual cycle

• Vagina functionality and hygiene


Spoken English Group


загруженноеDear girls and women, the Women's Resource Center is pleased to announce about the resumption of the work of Spoken English Group.

English speaking team will work from now on Mondays at 17:30.

During the meetings, participants interact with each other in English with the help of trainer, and discuss different topics.

It's advisable to call in advance and confirm your participation.

Our address: Teryan 62 , entrance from Moscovyan street, number 5 , Apt .35.

Tel : 094 56 56 26 ; 060 44 56 26