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16 days against violence against women.Coalition to stop violence against women.


picCoalition to stop violence against women initiated some events according to 16 days of activism against violence towards women.

Here is the list of upcoming events.

Join us.

November 25 – December 10

November 25s march. Rebublic square 13:30

World AIDS Day public event - at13:00 Teryan street, Student's park

"HIV/AIDS issues advocate 2014" award - 21:00 Kami club


Come and try capoeira with the Women’s Resource Center Armenia!


CaptureWhat is capoeira?

Capoeira is a martial art and a dance that is practiced with music and singing in a group. Capoeira was originally created by African slaves in Brazil as a form of expression and resistance against repressive exploitation conditions. Today, Capoeira is practiced all over the world in different forms because it holds a universal language of body expression and liberation of the body and the mind.

What will capoeira teach me?

Capoeira is singing, playing music, dancing and fighting all at the same time!

With capoeira, you will learn

• a new way of dialogue with your body

• basic movements for self-defense and attacking

• transmitting energy with your singing and your body involvement


Women's Resource Center, Armenia: ten years with women, ten years for women.


559614 10154733500640012 6739675860819297201 nOn November 7 of the current year "Women's Resource Center" celebrated the tenth year of its activity.

Representatives of the Government, international organizations, and ambassadors, members of cooperating organizations, WRCA members and volunteers were invited to the event.

The event was held in the warm atmosphere where WRCA members told about the story of founding the center. They told also about the difficulties, overcome challenges and achievements met during these ten years. Many of the guests also referred to the history of cooperation between them and the WRCA and addressed their wishes to the employees.