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nkar 1Dear Women's Resource Center of Armenia members and supporters, we would like to inform you that for several months now the WRCA has been subject to inappropriate slander and disgrace. There are attempts to connect our organization with a religious organization and now there is an attempt to present the WRCA as an organization that is against family values. Until now we have tried to ignore this disgrace by not taking such absurdity and paranoia seriously. Nevertheless, we must note that such slander and disgrace regarding our organization is not only unethical, but it is also illegal.

As a result of the trial against "Zaruhi publishing house" limited liability company and Ruslan Tatoyan, which lasted for over a year, the court decided to grant the case in part. Ruslan Tatoyan was obligated to publically apologize to the Women's Resource Center NGO for insulting their reputation by calling them "homewreckers" and "grantsuckers", and to place their public apology on the www.zaruhi.com website. Ruslan Tatoyan was also obligated to pay a fine of 50,000 AMD to the Women's Resource Center NGO as compensation. Read more details here.


The Women’s Resource Center is cooperating with governmental administrations and local NGOs of Lori, Shirak and Syunik regions to create referral mechanisms for survivors of violence.


20130416 112058 1With the help of UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, the Women's Resource Center NGO started the extensive program in 2012: "Strengthening Inter-agency cooperation in Armenia's villages to organize against gender based violence." The regions of Lori, Shirak and Syunik are included in the program. As part of the program, the Women's Resource Center is closely working with the Republic of Armenia's Work and Social Issues agency, as well as with the appropriate departments of Lori, Shirak and Syunik regions' administrations. The Women's Resource Center is also collaborating with "Support" NGO in Gyumri as well as with the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly of Vandazor and the Women's Development Resource Center Fund in Goris.

The program consists of several stages. In the first stage an assessment of the needs of survivors of gender based violence was implemented in all three regions. Research regarding current resources and opportunities for supporting survivors in these regions was also conducted. Following the assessment stage, a number of workshops were implemented for representatives of the Administration of Protection of Family, Children and Women's Rights, for members of newly established gender committees, for local NGOs, as well as for the regions' social workers, psychologists, lawyers, and medical workers.


Women in Business. How to start business. Training for trainers


images 1Business tends to be seen as a field for men and not women. Especially in a society such as we have in Armenia, a woman's place is often seen as in the home. This makes it difficult for women to even entertain the thought of starting a business. Yet it is precisely in such difficult economic times that women should feel so empowered to start their own businesses and to thrive as independent business owners.

This training for trainers is geared toward women who want to make a difference in the field of business for other women. Anyone with an interest in business and the desire to empower women through business is encouraged to apply. This four day training will present basic knowledge in business theories and their application. It will also provide necessary tools for participants to think critically and creatively about business.