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Today the Republic of Armenia does not have a specialized court system.


загруженноеToday the Republic of Armenia does not have a specialized court system. Certainly, it is connected with extensive financial expenses. However, there are legal situations where need of specialized judges are authentically necessary. Primarily it relates to marriage disputes, since the human factor issues analysis is prior to the analysis of the relevant legal documents.

Judges who took specialized training in the treatment of domestic disputes and their psychological characteristics are rarely to be met both in Yerevan and particularly in regions.

It should not be forgotten that the cases are concerning personal lives of individuals, where frequently minors are being affected, as well as bitterly emotions are always present. During litigation this fact is becoming a barrier to the possible effective communication between the parties and the court, in which case parties are mainly avoiding being present alone in the court hearing, without their legal representatives and they do not trust the court and they do not believe in the equity of the justice system.


Cooperation with Orran Charitable NGO


DSC01239In 2014 Women's Resource Center NGO has started cooperation with "Orran" Charitable NGO. "Orran" is working with children from socially vulnerable families and their parents. The aim of this cooperation is to raise awareness of organization's beneficiaries about various important issues and prevention measures existing in Armenia.

In frames of this cooperation meetings are conducted with the mothers with following thematic: child care, domestic violence, especially punishment and other methods of child rearing.

Taking into account that "Orran" Charitable NGO is working primarily with school age children (aged: 6-16) each meeting-training is being organized by considering the specificities of the given age group.

Meetings with children are aimed to provide them with skills in order to avoid abuse as well as discussions on important issues such as hygiene etc.


Joining Forces to Protect Women Human Rights Defenders. round table discussion


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Joining Forces to Protect Women Human Rights Defenders

Discussion with WHRDs from Armenia, Georgia, Croatia, Russia and Chechnya

The Women's Resource Center, on behalf of the Human Rights House Yerevan is organizing a public discussion on challenges women human rights defenders (WHRDs) face in different countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and South Caucasus. The event will take place on March 27, 2014 at 9:45 am, at Congress Hotel.

The event is organized together with Human Rights House Foundation and other experts from the Human Rights House network. Individual and collective strategies to counter the specific risks faced by WHRDs will be addressed. Joint efforts to increase the space in which women human rights defenders operates will be discussed. Representatives from Human Rights Houses in Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Croatia will share their experience working as human rights defenders nationally and regionally.