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WRCA-1 2On 2th of April, 2015, at 18:00 a meeting will be held on the following topic: ''Women in between Conflict and Peace Processes'' at Women Resource Center. The frames of discussion include women's role in armed conflict and the negative impact of the conflict on women. The most highlighted issue of the meeting is the role of Armenian women in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The facilitator of the meeting is WRC staff member Knarik Mkrtchyan, who works at WRC as coordinator of peace building projects. The language of the meeting is Armenian.


Linking self-care to feminist movement building (Integrated Security Workshop)


PicMonkey Collage 2The main purpose of this meeting is to consider self-care and well-being as the basis of feminist movement formation. The inner pressure lives in our relationship, in our movement, and it's necessary to make it visible and discuss its impact on both our personal lives and our movement. Many activists day by day leave "the platform" since they have no more energy and want to start taking care of themselves, meanwhile if their movement had been formed by taking into consideration the phenomena of self-care and well-being in the community, It wouldn't be necessary to escape from activism to relax. From time to time the fact of threat is witnessing the neglect of above mentioned phenomenas which were formed during the movement.

During this meeting we will examine the problematic points of the topic and will try to rehash our movements by taking into consideration self-care and well-being. We will also discuss how the concepts of health, power and emotions are related to the formation of a stable feminist movement.


Move to claim: Bodies of women in activism: Event briefing


11042968 10155194347320012 5560039730336555495 nIn the framework of the Women's Rights Month activities at WRCA

Event briefing

On 12 March 2015, the Women's Resource Center hosted the second event of the series from Women's Rights Month. The presentation "Move to claim: Bodies of women in activism" was held by Nil Delahaye, fellow from Hrant Dink Foundation working at the Women's Resource Center of Armenia in the framework of Turkey-Armenia normalization process project supported by the European Union. Nil is providing physical and social support activities through the practice of capoeira for women in WRCA.