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Move to claim: Bodies of women in activism: Event briefing


11042968 10155194347320012 5560039730336555495 nIn the framework of the Women's Rights Month activities at WRCA

Event briefing

On 12 March 2015, the Women's Resource Center hosted the second event of the series from Women's Rights Month. The presentation "Move to claim: Bodies of women in activism" was held by Nil Delahaye, fellow from Hrant Dink Foundation working at the Women's Resource Center of Armenia in the framework of Turkey-Armenia normalization process project supported by the European Union. Nil is providing physical and social support activities through the practice of capoeira for women in WRCA.


Common Sense Self-Defense with SheFighter Armenia


10404417 10155189886830012 3397625667384258919 nWomen Resource Center Armenia, in collaboration with SheFighter Armenia, represents a workshop on self-defense within Women's Rights Month.

This presentation is an invitation for women and girls to learn the basics of self-defense training. In this session we will review some of the tactics used by perpetrators as well as some verbal and physical responses to threatening situations.

The working languages are English and Armenian.

The workshop is only for women.

The entrance is free:

For more info: 094 56 56 26


International Women's Day 2015. Public Action in Yerevan


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This year for International Women's day, many organisations, initiatives and individuals joined Feminist Platform Initiative on March 8th to celebrate. The sun was shining and the day was filled with a positive vibe and high energy. From Yeritasardakan to Northern Avenue, we planned a march that involved powerful messages, musicians and everyone that took part made extremely enthusiastic contributions.

The main messages for the day had been printed on colourful t-shirts and were worn during the march and also chanted whilst we walked through the streets of Yerevan. "Our opportunities are unlimited", " no to patriarchy", "no to borders" and "My presence is the way I want it to be" were the significant messages we wanted to portray throughout the day. 

When we all finally reached Northern Avenue after the fun musical march, it was then time for our Music fest that had been organised by local musicians and volunteers from the centre.