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загруженное 3The Republic of Armenia's socio-economic situation is similar to that of most other developing countries. By adopting the notion of a democratic, social and legal state, the weight of these principles became obvious in the very first chapter of the first article of the Constitution.

Of course, if we try to analyze the existing Constitution together with the other codes, we will see that the Republic of Armenia provides almost a perfect reality in terms of human rights protection laws. However, any serious research requires analysis of the existing situation. It is when appropriate research is conduced about the implementation of these laws that numerous obvious and continuous violations of the basic human rights as well as violation and neglect of the basic tenets of human rights can be detected along with the climate of impunity. In this context human rights defenders become vulnerable, of which most vulnerable are women human rights defenders.


Sexual violence awareness month: APRIL


загруженное 1April is a usual month for most of us, for some it is a beautiful spring month, for some it is memorable as April fool's day, for others it is named "Ahekan" by the old Armenian calendar, but few of us know that April is also known as a sexual violence awareness month. Thus, different people and organizations worldwide are organizing numerous events in order to enhance the dissemination of information on sexual violence.

But how come that April became a sexual violence awareness month?


Today the Republic of Armenia does not have a specialized court system.


загруженноеToday the Republic of Armenia does not have a specialized court system. Certainly, it is connected with extensive financial expenses. However, there are legal situations where need of specialized judges are authentically necessary. Primarily it relates to marriage disputes, since the human factor issues analysis is prior to the analysis of the relevant legal documents.

Judges who took specialized training in the treatment of domestic disputes and their psychological characteristics are rarely to be met both in Yerevan and particularly in regions.

It should not be forgotten that the cases are concerning personal lives of individuals, where frequently minors are being affected, as well as bitterly emotions are always present. During litigation this fact is becoming a barrier to the possible effective communication between the parties and the court, in which case parties are mainly avoiding being present alone in the court hearing, without their legal representatives and they do not trust the court and they do not believe in the equity of the justice system.