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March 8 demonstration and Music fest.


IMG 90981Dear all, we invite You to Join us for March 8 Demonstration and to be a part of Music Fest, which is going to take place afterwards. The events are organized by Feminist Platform initiative.

We meet on March 8 at 2 p.m. at the monument named after Av. Isahakyan (near metro Yeritasardakan) to start the demonstration.

We will continue celebration at 5 Northern Ave. since 3 p.m. within Music Fest.

Feminists have more fun! Join us !


Move to Claim: Bodies of women in activism


Nils presentation march 8Our souls were in prison

Our bodies broke the chains

This presentation is an invitation to women’s human rights defenders to consider the importance of using body and movement in activism and support mechanisms for women in general and vulnerable groups in particular.

Through a historical perspective on the treatment of the body of humans and particularly of women, I try to find an explanation to how working on the body can be by essence liberating. Holding a mirror to today’s societal requirements over women’s body, this presentation will be the occasion to consider body movement, sports and dance as a tool for civil actions.

This presentation will take place on 12th of March, 2015 at 6 p.m. at Women's Resource Center. The entrance is free.The main language of the presentation will be English. If needed, translation into Armenian will be provided as well. For additional information contact us 094 56 56 26.


Women’s Rights Month Events, 2015


March 8 poster.Dear friends, here is the list of the upcoming events within Women's Rights Month, 2015

You are more than welcome to join us!


MARCH 8 DEMONSTRATION AND MUSIC FEST / Feminist platform initiative


2 p.m. at the monument named after Av. Isahakyan (near metro Yeritasardakan)


3 p.m. 5 Northern Ave.