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Happy holidays!


WRCADear WRCA volunteers, colleagues, friends we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the upcoming year be full of accomplishments and harmony.

We would like you to know that the staff of Women's Resource Center is going to a well deserved holidays, we will meet again on January 12th.


Happy International Volunteer Day!


PicMonkey CollageVolunteering is one of the basic activities and habits at WRCA. Members and friends of WRCA have been volunteering since its foundation.

We wouldn't have any achievements, wouldn't be able to organize and implement so many projects and initiatives and wouldn't be able to initiate some social changes in our society if not having the greatest support of our volunteers.

Happy volunteer's day, dears.

We are very grateful to You all for being with us and strengthening our capacities.


Volunteers sharing their opinions about WRCA


IMG 8217My role in WRC begun accidentally. I had to understand what can I do. That day I had no answer to that question of Lara. When I met with mother of my dead friend, who was a good specialist for a long years, but was unemployed, because she was not corresponded with new professional requirements, she couldn't work with computer (it was her the only way to earn, and her husband was dead), I understood that I can help her. After 4-6 weeks she returned to her work with bigger salary. I was so happy, and you can imagine her happiness. But she was not the only one who had that fortune. I decided to organize computer courses in career centre, what was allowed by the organization. We tried to dilate with Anet and Shushanik and organize courses of languages and how to write CV and things like this. It was not a course for only computer skills, we were talking in different topics. I began to understand day by day how lonely a woman can feel herself, when she has no opportunity to discover her resources. But I can say that coming to the centre they began to have hope.