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UN Trust project summary. 2012 - 2014


In 2012-2014 Women's Resource Center has implemented a project Strengthening a Multi Spectral Response to Counter Gender Based Violence in Rural Areas of Armenia. The project has been implemented by UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. The project mainly covered 3 regions: Lori, Shirak and Syuniq.

Major activities implemented during the 2 year project:

1. Capacity development trainings: During the implementation of the project we completed all 9 trainings with the representatives of gender commissions, NGOs and service providers in 3 regions of Armenia. Trainings included such important topics as: referral mechanisms, gender mainstreaming, gender budge ng, gender monitoring, gender based violence, counseling for the survivors of gender based violence. A training module has been prepared as a result of this activity.

2. Resource mapping: We also completed resource mapping and needs assessment of services for the survivors of GBV in 3 regions. Overall we conducted 41 interviews and did secondary analyses of available reports and documents. A needs assessment and resource mapping report is prepared.

3. 4 PSAs and 4 documentaries on the issue of violence against women have been produced and widely publicized. Ini ally we planned to screen PSAs only in 3 targeted regions where project is implemented, but since we have been offered to screen PSAs free of charge, we decided to screen PSAs in all other 7 regions of Armenia.


“The Traditional Practices that Violate Women's Rights in India'': A Presentation by Anush Gasparyan


10947534 773708736051293 1755011323 nThe Women's Resource Centre of Armenia invites you to a lecture presented by Anush Gasparyan on "The Traditional Practices that Violate Women's Rights in India"

Friday 6th February 2015

5 p.m. at ''Women's Resource Center'' NGO

India has always been a land of diversity and variety, which has been a source of richness and strength of different traditions, beliefs, systems of thought and ways of living and livelihoods. However, this was also a reason of tensions, disagreement and conflict. Anush Gasparyan will give an overview of harmful traditional practices that affect women human rights in the Indian context. Violence against women is a manifestation of the historically unequal power relations between man and women, which have led to the domination over and discrimination against women by men.


''Finding Zabel Yesayan'' Poetry evening, film screening



February 4 is the birthday of Armenian female writer Zabel Yesayan, she was born in 1878, in Constantinople , and then she was educated in France. She has published 12 books and countless articles.

"Women's Resource Center" organize evening of reading that day and will screening film called «Finding Zabel Yesayan», which tells about great writer's life and work, thoughts and ideas.

You can bring with you your favorite composition of Z. Yesayan.

Entrance is free.

The film is in Armenian.